• Peinture 2

    Crown of Gold

    Cyprus Pond

    Dancing Palms

    Daybreak at Portofino

    Flight of a Lady

    Gateway to Bellagio

    Golden Gate by the Sands

    Golden Gate to Umbria
    Original Oil

    L'Isola Bella

    La Chima d'Umbria

    Late Harvest Tapestry

    Loggia by the Sea

    Loggia in the Valley

    My Little Secret

    Paradise Palms

    Quiet Sunrise

    Quinta House

    Reading Room

    Renaissance of Venice

    Renaissance of Venice - East

    Renaissance of Venice - West

    Salve en Sevila

    Sedona Portico

    Sunset on the Riviera

    The Beach House

    Torre di Bellosquardo

    Treasures of Coral Cay

    Tuscan Chaise

    View from the Alhambra

    Villa by the Lake

    Village by the Sea

    Vineyard Rhapsody

    Vinyard Veranda

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